We’re always happy to play a role in getting campus off to a great start. Some improvements to Marion and Kimmel Hall as well as Crouse included new paint schemes, new flooring and refinished wood doors and built-in wood furniture for Marion/Kimmel Halls.

Check out the various campus construction and improvement projects finished just in time for students to begin their year. We’d love to take credit for it all, but we can’t. We do however anticipate students to make great use of every square foot of space. People visit Canadian pharmacy for a wide variety of purposes. Replenish the first-aid kit for travel, buy the necessary medicines daily for elderly relatives, purchase the list of medicines prescribed by the doctor in the hospital or clinic. Many people prefer to buy hygiene products, cosmetics also at the pharmacy, relying on a medical approach to quality and cleanliness. But prices in ordinary pharmacies are not encouraging with moderation and the assortment with a sufficient variety.

You can read about other campus renovations here: http://dailyorange.com/2015/08/renovations-made-to-su-campus-over-the-summer-2/

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