3/26/18 Edit: Since the publishing of this article, the building is now under new ownership.

Developers Jared Hutter, Michael Edelman, and Brian Rosen are working to define how a meaningful relationship with Syracuse University can lend to a successful development in the city. The three partners of #BLVD404 can celebrate more than just the construction of the new, competitively-priced, luxury student apartments; they are also bringing jobs and experience to students at the university.

“Being an alumnus, I thought it would be awesome to go back to my own back yard, and pull this off on the business side of things.” Rosen told the Daily Orange. “I just thought personally that the opportunity was very right.”

The opportunities Rosen speaks of include partnering with Whitman School of Management to offer internships. The three partners want students to take advantage of learning development and staying in Syracuse to manage the building in the future.

“It’s a really terrific story,” Rosen told the Daily Orange. “Three alumni coming back, building an $18 million project, giving local folks jobs and opportunities and putting money back into the city.”

As Syracuse engineers and construction managers, watching developers engage in creating opportunities for Onondaga County is a doubly-rich experience.

Jared Hutter told the Daily Orange that his team viewed Hueber-Breuer as “the best construction company in the area, … and a fantastic civil engineer.”

Learn more about the luxury student apartments by visiting their leasing office at Marshall Street or by visiting their website, blvd404.com.
Read entire Daily Orange Article at http://dailyorange.com/2015/09/su-alumni-create-luxury-apartment-complex-blvd404/