The Lab School is accustomed to amazing talent. Now, something amazing is happening with the construction of its new school in D.C. — Construction Robotics has delivered a unique worker to the school’s job site.

Meet SAM100, which stands for semi-automated mason. SAM is increasing productivity for Clark Construction Group LLC as the world’s first commercially available robot used for on-site brick placement. Clark began work in November 2014 on a 29,000-square-foot high school in the Palisades neighborhood for The Lab School, and was joined by SAM about a week ago.

Construction Robotics, based out of Victor, New York, began developing technology for its patented robot about eight years ago. This is the first time SAM has worked in D.C.

Construction Robotics started and is managed by Scott L. Peters and Hueber-Breuer’s own Nathan Podkaminer. Nate has been critical to many construction projects in our region and he’s a critical and cherished part of Hueber-Breuer.

Learn more about SAM | The @Builderbots at

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