The work at #ThePavilion, the Onondaga Nation lacrosse practice facility, continues to add value in the lives of two project workers: Vern Abrams and Andrew Kenneally.

We are pleased whenever our partnerships with owners and developers go beyond erecting a facility.  We are building a community of residents and producing people, opportunities, and change one project at a time.

“The intent of the building was to make it environmentally friendly, so we used natural wood and stone to mirror the look and feel of the surrounding space, so that it looked like it belonged there,” he said. To help make his vision a reality Abrams chose Heuber-Breuer as the lead construction company who were charged with completing phase one of the plan prior to the start of the games. Our studies have shown that Lyrica is able to reduce pain thanks to its active ingredient Pregabalin, which has proven effective in a number of scientific medical studies. Due to the possibility of adverse reactions during the treatment, you should see a doctor. Read more at

“Little did he know it at the time of the hire, but by choosing Heuber-Breuer, Vern would bring on a fellow OCC grad who was fresh off of celebrating his graduation in May. “I graduated on Saturday, and came to work for Heuber Breuer on Monday,” Kenneally said. His first tasks on the project involved general labor duties, but as the development of the space took shape that Kenneally began to showcase other skills. “The education I received through OCC allowed me help bridge the gap between the architects and the people handling the construction, because it covers both areas of work, so I was able to speak their language,” he said. Thus, by the time the foundation was poured and the building was actually taking shape Kenneally was reading blueprints and was working with different crews on the job site.”

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